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PS:  It's free! 🎉

PS: It's free!  🎉🎉

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SuperStuff Portfolios are a free, new-age tool for you to share your professional-personal story. 📣

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Old-school CVs are just your work history. You are so much more! 💜

This is why we're building SuperStuff 🙌

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Frequently asked questions
What is SuperStuff?
SuperStuff is a vetted platform that helps marketers, designers, agencies, and freelancers get discovered & booked by brands worldwide 🤝

As one of our first products, we have built SuperStuff Portfolios as an easy-to-use, free tool for you to showcase your best work to the world 😍
What's a SuperStuff Portfolio?
A SuperStuff Portfolio allows you to showcase your work and services to potential clients, hiring managers or brands in an aesthetic and content-rich way 🌟.

It’s a no-code, no-design tool made specifically for today’s talent and teams to tell their work story and increase digital discovery. It provides an easy and free way to make your talents and capabilities visible to a wide audience 🔊
Is there a cost to create and use a SuperStuff Portfolio?
Nope :) For all early users, the basic plan of creating and using a SuperStuff Portfolio will always be free. In the future, we will introduce affordable pro-features, but even our upgraded version will remain very budget-friendly ❤️ 

We currently also offer affordable set-up plans where experts help you create your portfolio 🪄. Check out the plans here.
Can I use the SuperStuff Portfolio independently outside the platform?
Yes, absolutely!

Your SuperStuff Portfolio profile is designed to be your "work link-in-bio" on your social media, in your signature, and to showcase your work and services to your clients across all touch points. Your SuperStuff Profile goes way beyond our platform.

There is currently zero fee for collaborations that you generate on your own via SuperStuff Portfolios.
What does SuperStuff charge for successfully matched collaborations?
SuperStuff charges a 15% commission fee only for the successful paid collaborations with clients that the platform or our team brings you. This fee helps support the platform's operations and ensures that we can continue connecting you with exciting opportunities. This value add helps you offset your business development and marketing costs; we encourage you to factor this into your project pricing. 

To note, SuperStuff does not charge any fees on brands to ensure they have access to the world’s best fractional talent and agencies without any additional costs.
Why should I create and use a SuperStuff portfolio?
Think of SuperStuff as your work autobiography! A place where you can talk about your work, experiences, accomplishments, people you’ve worked with, showcase your vibe, and get discovered by brands looking for talent like you.

CV’s are old-school and don’t do justice to the depth of work you do, and who you are. There’s so much more to you than just job titles - and we’d like to help you share that with the world.

Not only are we making it easy for talent & teams to showcase their work but also connecting them to our trusted network of brands
Why is this better than link-in-bio products?
We think link-in-bio pages are great! But they have a different use case than SuperStuff portfolios - they are to track your most important links, and they assume that you are a social media creator with a ready social audience who know you.

SuperStuff portfolios are designed to showcase more depth of work, in an aesthetic yet informative format. Furthermore, if your profile is good and you are approved into our SuperStuff Talent & Agency Marketplace - you can get get discovered and booked by relevant clients or brands outside of your social media audience.
Who can benefit from SuperStuff Portfolios?
Super Portfolios are designed for you to share your work and your unique story. Anyone can use it! We're talking marketers, designers, creators, builders, freelancers, agencies and more.

Get started now, and reach out to us if you need any help at all.
How do brands from the SuperStuff network discover talent using SuperStuff Portfolios?
Brands within our global network get access to SuperStuff Portfolios to find talented individuals or teams that match their specific needs and project requirements. This helps brands get to know what you do and what you're capable of.
How do I apply to be vetted?
To get started, simply apply here as a freelancer, full-time talent or agency. It’s a quick form and takes 1-2 mins.

If you don't have an existing portfolio, create a SuperStuff portfolio and submit to this link.
How do I get started with SuperStuff, and create my Portfolio?
Sign-up here for a SuperStuff Portfolio, and you'll be guided through the process of creating your portfolio to showcase your work and services. If you need any help give us a shout, or see our affordable set-up plans here.
Why are you building SuperStuff?
As repeat founders and marketers, we have faced the challenge of both finding the right marketing experts and finding the right brands for our marketing services & platform. At SuperStuff, we are building a platform at the intersection of AI, Marketing and Future of Work. We recognize the need for intelligent, modern solutions to empower businesses, talent and tools to collaborate and grow together.

Our mission is to connect talent with opportunities. With two decades of experience and a proven track record of building multiple startups, including 2 talent platforms, 2 Marketing SaaS, and a marketing agency, we are committed to facilitating collaboration and growth in the industry. Learn more about our founders Pranay and Julie.
Why is this better than a website portfolio?
We know (firsthand) that creating websites can be time-consuming and cumbersome to create and update. Ironically, even marketers end up procrastinating when it comes to showcasing their work to get more work!

And, the biggest limitation with a website or PDF is that it gets lost in the online universe. No one can really find it, and you’re again limited to only your network. This is where SuperStuff is different. We aim to ensure your awesome work won’t go unnoticed on the internet.  We’ve built SuperStuff Portfolios as an easy-to-use, no-code tool, so you can have your portfolio up and running in no time, just as easily as setting up a dating profile ;)

Looking for inspo for your portfolios? We’ve got you covered. 
Where and how should I use my SuperStuff Portfolio?
Use SuperStuff Portfolios where ever you want to make a great impression! Here are a few of our favorite places:
1) In your email signature, so your clients & team get to know you better
2) In your bio on social platforms, so your network knows what you do
3) On your existing website so you can easily update your case studies & team
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