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What is SuperStuff?
SuperStuff intelligently matches ambitious brands with the world's best marketers and agencies who specialize in the latest MarTech and AI tools. Through our deeply-vetted, agile marketer network and end-to-end management platform, we are ensuring high ROI marketing outcomes for our brand and agency partners.

Our mission is to leverage the best of Human Creativity + AI to scale speed, cost-efficiency and holistic growth.
What skills do SuperStuff experts specialize in?
We have vetted specialists and agencies who are great in branding, animation, e-comm growth (organic & paid media), SEO, website development, influencer content & UGC content and more. We have experience growing emerging DTC and B2B brands as well as legacy consumer products.
How does SuperStuff vet talent?
SuperStuff's Human+AI powered deep vetting process is based on 'proof-of-work' data. Our teams and technology analyze 200+ deep data points across a 3-level extensive process to evaluate a talent or agency's past performance. 1) Proof-of work based on submissions to our Super Portfolios 2) Referrals & testimonials from relevant past customers 3) Deep category-specific interviews by experts.
What are the types of engagement models?
We have three standard models:
1) Managed Growth: Onshore growth expert in your time zone, managing offshore teams or a freelancer team
2) Direct Hire: We vet, shortlist and directly connect you to marketers or agencies
3) Offshore Dream Team: We vet, hire and manage end to end payroll and compliance for custom-built offshore marketing teams to meet specific requirements
Can projects be managed end to end for me?
Absolutely! Think of SuperStuff's platform and experts as an extension of you & your team. We make it easy for you to get the output of a super in-house team, at a fraction of the cost. SuperStuff's assigned Growth Experts work closely with your team and selected experts, freelance teams and boutique agencies to generate super outcomes. We are building technology across the complete marketing collaboration cycle to make it more data-driven, intelligent and cost-effective.
Why AI marketing?
AI is revolutionizing how the entire marketing stack works, from data collection to content creation to predictive analytics. AI-powered marketing automation streamlines tasks, while AI analytics provides valuable insights to make more intelligent growth decisions. Incorporating AI into daily marketing workflows will empower companies to achieve better results while maximizing ROI and time efficiency.

We believe the future of marketing lies not solely in AI, but in the hands of experts who skillfully and creatively leverage AI to create super stuff and drive success.
Who would be my point of contact?
Your main point of contact will be the marketing specialist or boutique agency that you have approved via SuperStuff. Your overall engagement with SuperStuff will be curated by a SuperStuff Growth Expert who will support your projects, make sure you are happy with outcomes, and be available to scale up your team.
Where are your marketers based?
Our marketing experts are based across the world, with a significant presence in the US, India and the Philippines.  However, the choice of where you would like your marketing teams to be based is entirely up to you. We often recommend a blend of in-market experts who possess deep knowledge of your customer segment, as well as remote marketing professionals who offer cost-effective solutions. Our marketers typically work remotely, allowing for flexibility and efficient collaboration. In case you prefer to have marketers physically present at your office, let us know, and we will provide you with the best options available.
What if I'm not happy with my marketers?
Just let your SuperStuff Growth Expert know, and we will provide you with alternate options.
Why are we building SuperStuff?
As repeat founders and marketers, we have faced the challenge of both finding the right marketing experts and finding the right brands for our marketing services & platform. At SuperStuff, we are building a platform at the intersection of AI, Marketing and Future of Work. We recognize the need for intelligent, modern solutions to empower businesses, talent and tools to collaborate and grow together.

Our mission is to connect talent with opportunities. With two decades of experience and a proven track record of building multiple startups, including 2 talent platforms, 2 Marketing SaaS, and a marketing agency, we are committed to facilitating collaboration and growth in the industry. Learn more about our founders Pranay, Julie and Adrian.

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